FAQs About Our Party Rental Services

At Grand Banquet & Party Rental, you can find tent and party rental services under one roof. Find tables, chairs, linens, serving equipment, beverage equipment, flatware, arches, candelabras, and other miscellaneous party rental products. Check out our FAQs below for answers to any questions you may have. Contact us for more details.
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How Long Is the Rental Period?

If you are planning a weekend event, the rental period is Friday to Monday. Weekday events can vary, but the rental period is usually the day before the period to the day after.
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Does the Equipment Need to Be Returned Clean?

Yes, any items that were rented need to be returned clean, dry, and in the same condition in which you received them, or additional charges may apply.
There are a few exceptions to this policy, including outdoor events using our tents. There may not be facilities to wash the china, glassware, or silverware. Therefore, we do require the following:

China - Must be scraped, rinsed and drained, and returned to the lined crates they came in. Do not overload! If there is food left on the plates, you will be charged $0.15 per piece for the entire china order. Please advise your caterer of this charge.

Silverware - Free of food

Glassware - Drained and returned to the appropriate crates. Breakage may occur if they are placed in the wrong-sized containers.

Linens - Do not launder them. However, we do ask that if they become wet, you allow them to be air dried before bagging them. They must be shaken out to rid them of food and table debris such as wrappers and confetti. We will charge a replacement fee for damaged linens. There should be no wax, burn holes, or mildew. Sparklers at parties are always a problem!

Canopies - Please allow them to be dried before returning them. There will not be extra day rental charges for them.
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Is There a Minimum Order That Has to Be Met?

No, you do not have to reach a minimum order. You can come in and rent those one or two items you need for your party! On large orders of china and silverware, we rent by the 10s. Glassware is by the crate, ranging from 16 to 36 per crate. We'll include that in your quote.

What If I Need to Add or Remove Items From My Order?

If you need to add to your order, we will try to accommodate depending on the availability up until the day prior to delivery. To decrease or delete items, we need a 2-week heads up, please.
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